•  Board Meeting Agendas, Minutes and Policies
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    Please Note - The minutes are not official until they are adopted by the Board of Education at a following meeting.

    The Frontier Board of Education welcomes district residents, staff members, students and any others interested, to its meetings. Your presence indicates concern for our schools and the education of the children in Frontier. Generally, these meetings are held in the Frontier Educational Center, but may take place in one of the District's six schools. 

    A major goal of the Board is to maintain a collaborative, working relationship between the school district and the Frontier community. Community involvement at board meetings is encouraged to enable the Board to better understand and represent its constituents.

    There are several types of meetings, including regular business meetings, work sessions, special meetings and committee meetings that are open to the public.

    • Regular Business Meetings are open to the public in the Frontier Educational Center, 5120 Orchard Avenue, beginning at 7:00 PM as posted. 
    • Special Meetings of the Board take place beginning at 7:00 PM as posted. Often, a particular topic or presentation may be conducted during Special Meetings.
    • Public Hearings are open to the public and are held to receive community input on such issues as the annual budget.
    • An Organizational Meeting is held at the first meeting in July, at which time the Board elects and appoints its officers.  This meeting is also open to the public.
    • Executive sessions are not open to the public. These meetings are permitted only for a limited number of specific purposes including personnel matters, litigation, collective negotiations, proposed sale or lease of property and other topics that are deemed confidential by the Open Meeting Law of New York State. The Board is not allowed to vote on resolutions while in executive session.
    • Live Stream Meetings Online will be broadcast with information on a date, time and direct link given in advance on the district website. Once a live stream meeting has concluded the video will continue to be available on the District's YouTube Channel and a link posted on the Board of Education Meeting Schedule webpage. 

    The following represents the usual order of a school board meeting:

    1. Call to Order
    2. Privilege of the Floor
    3. Items Requiring Board Action
    4. Correspondence and Reports
    5. Privilege of the Floor
    6. Adjournment

    Community members are welcome to share their comments with the Board of Education and to express opinions on matters affecting our schools.  A specific time known as Privilege of the Floor is set aside at the beginning of the Board Meeting for public comment. Individuals wishing to address the Board are asked to state their name and address before making comments.