2019-2020 Frontier Board of Education

  • Members
    Patrick T. Boyle, President
    5345 Eastwood Ave, Hamburg, NY 14075
    Davis Podkulski, Vice President
    4169 Mistymeadow Lane, Hamburg, NY 14075
    Dr. Mary Ann Costello, VP Pro Tempore
    5532 Country Club Lane, Hamburg, NY 14075
    Larry J. Albert
    2960 Pleasant Avenue, Hamburg, NY 14075
    John Kilcoyne Jr. 
    2241 Hunters Hollow Lane, Lake View, NY 14085
    Martin Lalka
    3654 Second Street, Blasdell, NY 14219
    David Patton
    6336 Mayflower Lane, Lake View, NY 14085

    Role of the Board of Education

    The Frontier Board of Education is comprised of seven volunteer community members, each of whom is elected to serve a four year term.  Board members are not compensated for their service. 

    The primary function of the Board is to provide students with a quality educational program consistent with New York State's educational standards.  Specific responsibilities include:

    • Setting policy within state and federal law;
    • Determining educational policy;
    • Overseeing the administration of school programs and services;
    • Working closely with the Superintendent who is the chief executive officer of the district, responsible for the execution of all School Board decisions regarding the operation of the Frontier Central School District.
    • Working with administration to prepare an annual budget

  • 2019-20 Board of Education Members

    Standing from left to right, Larry J. Albert, Davis Podkulski (Vice President), John Kilcoyne Jr., Martin Lalka and David Patton.

    Seated from left to right, Patrick Boyle (President) and Dr. Mary Ann Costello.

    Board of Education 2019-2020 District Goals

    1. Provide educational facilities that are safe, secure and well maintained.
      1. Arrange to tour the district’s facilities as a group to view construction progress and conditions in need of improvement (e.g. cafeterias) throughout the year.
    1. Provide an educational environment that is student-centered with instructional programs specifically directed to the unique needs of the students.
      1. Board president to document specific evidence in support of this goal for review at January and June 2020 BoE meetings.
    1. Strive to work collaboratively, support each other and strengthen the positive attributes of the district by;
      1. Attending district activities (sports, music, scholastic programs, district committee meetings, and other building events) when invited.
      2. Enhance BOE member’s knowledge of current issues in NYS education through professional development (i.e. NYSSBA convention, ECASB events, and other local workshops).
    1. Complete development of an “ex-officio” student school board member orientation program/handbook. The program will present the new student member with a complete overview of the district and orient them to their role and responsibility on the board. Publish by January 2020.
    1. Enhance Communications between the Board and district stakeholders. We will work to strengthen communication and partnerships with our entire school community by;
      1. Investigating the taping of BoE meetings for play back on-demand on the District’s website.
      2. Having a BoE member assigned to each building as their link into the BoE.
      3. Improving communication on the specific reasons for items on BoE Executive session agendas.
      4. Getting BoE representation at PTA and PTA Council meetings
    1. Investigate Opportunities to Enhance District Support for Mental Health Issues in Our Community
      1. Partner w/more organizations providing emotional and mental health support in our community.
      2. Investigate the potential to implement of a Family Support Center to assist families within our district
      3. Look for opportunities to introduce more mental wellness programs in our Elementary Schools