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  • Role of the Board of Education

    The Frontier Board of Education is comprised of seven volunteer community members, each of whom is elected to serve a four year term.  Board members are not compensated for their service. 

    The primary function of the Board is to provide students with a quality educational program consistent with New York State's educational standards.  Specific responsibilities include:

    • Setting policy within state and federal law;
    • Determining educational policy;
    • Overseeing the administration of school programs and services;
    • Working closely with the Superintendent who is the chief executive officer of the district, responsible for the execution of all School Board decisions regarding the operation of the Frontier Central School District.
    • Working with administration to prepare an annual budget

2020-2021 Frontier Board of Education

  • Frontier CSD

    Board of Education 2020-2021 District Goals

    1. Enhance Board Member knowledge through professional development opportunities.

    1. The Board will continue retreats to review board roles and responsibilities.
      • Next retreat is scheduled for September 8 after the scheduled board meeting.
      • The Board will plan to have retreats on a quarterly basis.
      • All board members will participate in the retreat, either virtually or in person, and strive to have a candid and productive conversation.
      • At the end of the September 8 retreat, the board will discuss what topic(s) the Board wishes to focus on at the next retreat, along with possible presenters/facilitators and possible dates for the next retreat.
      • The Board President will work with the Superintendent, possible presenters/facilitators, and Board Members to set a date, topic(s), and presenters/facilitators for the next retreat and communicate those details to the Board as soon as possible.
    2. Each board member will strive to participate in at least 1 ECASB or NYSSBA training or other event (most will be online this year).
      • Board members, with the help of the District Clerk, will share when they RSVP for an event to encourage as much Board Member representation across all available events.
      • Each Board Member will report back to the board what they learned, either in writing or verbally at a board meeting.
    3. The Board will support the 2020-21 District Goals recommended by the Strategic Planning Committee.
      • PLC will present District Goals at the September 8 meeting.
      • Board will approve District Goals at the September 22 meeting.
      • The focus of the Student Achievement Committee is to support and improve the growth of our students both academically and emotionally.  The Committee is dedicated to review the Strategic Intents of the plan throughout each school year and report back to the full Board of Education on progress made.

    2. Enhance communication between the Board and stakeholders, and increase visibility of the Board in the community, within the scope of the board’s role.

    1. Investigate videotaping board meetings to be livestreamed and recorded for later viewing.
      • Designees will research the cost of videotaping meetings.
        • Designees will draft an RFI (request for information) describing what would be needed and release to local businesses and BOCES.
        • Designees will ensure district technology can support any solution.
        • Designees will present draft RFI to full board at or around the October 6 meeting.
        • Board will discuss and approve a final RFI at or around the October 20 meeting and submit it to local businesses and BOCES.
        • Designees will summarize responses from local businesses and BOCES and present the summary to the board at or around the November 17 meeting. The Board will further discuss the idea at this meeting and decide whether to further pursue the idea.
        • If the Board decides to further pursue this idea, it will strive to have meetings videotaped by the January 5 meeting.
      • School attorney will research any legal issues or concerns with videotaping board meetings.
        • Board Members will send the Board President any legal concerns they have at or around the October 6 meeting.
        • Attorney will prepare a Memorandum of Law outlining the legal issues and concerns, what the law is on those issues, and the attorney’s advice regarding those issues at or around the October 20 meeting.
        • The Memorandum of Law will be presented and discussed at or around the November 17 meeting.