COVID-19 Employee Updates

  • Employees seeking ADA Clarification

    If an employee has a request for a reasonable accommodation under the Americans with Disabilities Act (“ADA”) and New York state law, the process for a coronavirus related accommodation request is the same process the District would follow for any other request under ADA.  The District and the employee must engage in the interactive process to determine if the employee is a qualified individual with a disability and if the District can offer a reasonable accommodation that permits the individual to perform the essential functions of their job without creating an undue hardship to the District.

    Upon making a request, an employee who seeks a reasonable accommodation will be required to submit a letter from their medical provider to the Personnel Office. Depending on the information provided in that letter, the District may seek additional medical information supporting the request through a medical certification form that must be completed by a medical provider.  This is not a standard form, but is tailored to each employee’s request.  There is no statuary timeframe for this process, but the District will provide an employee with a reasonable period of time to respond.  Generally, however, the District will not provide any accommodation until the interactive process has been completed and the requested information has been provided.  Any employee seeking an accommodation should consider making a timely request and promptly providing any information requested by the District.

    If you have specific questions or wish to make a request, please contact the Personnel Office at 926-1791.