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  • Richard Gray, Director of HPER & Athletics

    Office: (716) 926-1710, Ext. 2460

    Email: rgray@frontiercsd.org

    Sandy Ver, Clerk Typist

    Office:  (716) 926-1704

    Email: sver@frontiercsd.org

    Katie Miller, Athletic Trainer

    Office: (716) 926-1704

    Email:  kmiller@frontiercsd.org

    Ben Woods Strength and Conditioning Coach (STA)

    Office: (716) 926-1704

Athletic Philosophy

  • Interscholastic Athletics is an integral part of the total Frontier Falcon educational Experience.  We promote the development of a student-Athlete's self control, loyalty, leadership, teamwork perseverance and commitment.  Additionally, the concept of being on a team should allow the student/athlete opportunities to excel in the areas of humility and selflessness at the same time give the student/athlete a proud feeling of belonging.

    At the Modified and freshman levels winning is not the primary goal but to develop skills and play at a maximum ability level with maximum effort.  At the Junior Varsity and Varsity levels winning becomes more of a focus but never losing site of the idea that athletics should be fun and at the same time a great challenge.  To begin a season with the idea of "lets see how good we can get as a team" is the challenge goal for all levels. 

    Individual accomplishments by athletes are naturally gained and heightened when the team focus is maintained.  the real team accomplishments is not wins and losses but a unified goal of getting better and working hard week by week.  To be a true "Falcon" one must accept the team component and understand that no one player is above the standards set by the Athletic Department and Coaching Staff.

    Wellness Policy #5661