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Important Contact Information

  • "2015-16 Rewards School"

    Main Office
    (716) 926-1720
    Fax: 646-2195
    South Office
     (716) 926-1722
    Attendance: Ext:2075
    South Office Fax 646-2188
    Nurses Office
    (716) 926-1720 ext. 2420 OR 926-1721
    Dignity For All Students (DASA) Coordinators: 
    David Smaczniak, ext. 2405
    Lauren Ellis ext. 2451
    Confidential High School Hotline 926-1802
    High School Visitation Procedures
    ALL Visitors to Frontier High School should report to Door #14 by the South Office.  


  • Yearbook Senior Portrait Information

    Please read the 2020-2021 Frontier High School Yearbook Senior Portrait Specifications. Submission Deadline is November 17, 2020.

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    Congratulations on deciding to take AP English Literature and Composition! Because of the insane circumstances of this past year, and the uncertainty that lies ahead, this year’s summer reading assignment is very different. Your task is to read a novel. Be prepared to discuss the novel in some detail in September. To help you in this task, you should pause at certain points in your reading and do some responsive writing to record your thoughts at various moments. Some topics for response journals include looking at characters, their motivations and actions. You could also comment on the novel’s setting - look beyond the simple time and place and think about the historical context, the society the novel depicts, and how the setting helps to move the story forward. You can also think about the writer’s use of language - things like how imagery is used or the types of words and sentences the author chooses. These are not formal pieces. Rather, they are responses designed to help you engage in a college level conversation about a piece of literature. Enjoy, and, hopefully, see you in September. Have a safe and restful summer!

    Mr. Bader

    2020 Summer Reading Program

    English 101 & AP Summer Reading

    This summer, the English 101 and A.P. Lit. teachers see the value in having you read for the fun of it, with the expectation that we willhave a bookshare when we return to school in September. Your individual teachers may ask you to complete something in addition when we return, but there will betime provided to process that request by your teacher.
    At this time, please choose a book to read. A.P. Literature students should focus on fiction, as your course will focus on fiction literature. English101 students, please choose a non-fiction book, as your class will focus on nonfiction selections. Please consider at least five of the guided reading questionsprovided below that will help you prepare for discussions about your book.

    Mrs. Blood

    English 101 and AP Lit Summer Reading

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  • Regents Credit Information

    The 2019-20 Regents Exams were canceled due to the COVID-19 closure. All students passing Regents courses will receive Regents credit for that exam. 

    Parents who do not wish for their child to receive Regents credit can opt out their child from receiving that credit. This can affect graduation requirements and is irrevocable. 

    Find more information from the New York State Education Department and the Opt Out Form here. 

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  • Dear Frontier students and their families,

    The high school administration and faculty want you to know that we are all doing our best to stay connected and communicate with each and every one of you during these uncertain times.  Please know that should you find yourself in need of any additional supplies/resources, or that you have been unable to connect with your teacher(s) in order to stay on track academically, please contact one of the administrators listed below:

    • Mr. Charland:
    • Mrs. Thurston (A-Gi):
    • Mr. Smaczniak (GL-N):
    • Mr. Helmicki (O-Z):

    Please know that we miss all of you, we care about your success and we are here for you if you need us. 

    Take care and stay well,
    Mr. Charland

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