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    Mr. Ryan S. Collins
    English Teacher

    email: rcollins@frontiercsd.org
    NOTE: When you send an email - please place the student's name in the SUBJECT line.
    Phone: 926-1720    ext. 2304   Room #304
    Office Hours: See Below or by Request

    Note: All students have been informed through Google Classroom or have received a handout outlining the requirements for Summer Reading.
    2022/23 - Summer Reading (Library Link) ELA 9 & ENG 101 - SUMMER READING 2022-23
    ENGLISH 9 Summer Reading - Summer Reading ELA 9
    ENGLISH 101 Summer Reading
    Come to class having READ a book REQUIRED in the Summer Reading Guidelines.
    INFORMATION and the REQUIREMENTS/ASSIGNMENTS for that BOOK will be outlined during our 1st month together.
    This applies ONLY to students in Mr. Collins' ENG 101 Class. This is a college-level course - be sure to read and be prepared to examine and analyze what you have read!
    If you have completed the current Summer Reading Assignment...do nothing else.

    What Google Apps Should I Have on my Phone?
    Today's technology allows for ease of use and the opportunity to streamline classroom experiences. It will not be expected that students will download the following apps, but it should be understood that doing so could make some of our interactions seamless in a way that is beneficial. 
    All of these are available on any iPhone or Android OS. They are free to download and will REQUIRE students to use their SCHOOL PROVIDED EMAIL to effectively access information.
    Please look for:
    Google Classroom
    Google Drive (Students will create class-specific folders and save work here).
    Google Docs (It is NOT recommended that students type essays or academic journals on their phones, but they might need access to those documents).

    Mr. Collins' Class Schedule for the 2021/22 School Year. All classes are in ROOM 304.
    Period 1 - English Department  
    Period 2 - English 9
    Period 3 - English 101
    Period 4 - Conference (available upon request)
    Period 5 - English 9
    Period 6 - Lunch
    Period 7 - English 101
    Period 8 - Conference (available upon request)
    Period 9 - English 9


    Helpful Links & Contact Points:
    Guidance Center Guidance Center
    Social & Emotional Support Social Worker (Ms. Lauren Ellis)

    CELL PHONE POLICY - All cell phones should be turned off while in the classroom. If a student needs access to their phone for academic reasons, they will be notified of when and to what extent. Please encourage responsible and appropriate cell phone use while in an academic setting. Thank you.

    FOR PARENTS ONLY: Google Classroom.  If you have an email address, you will be invited to Google Classroom.  Once you have accepted our invitation, you will have access to:
    * Classroom Discussion & Topics
    * Due dates for ALL work submitted through Google Classroom 
    * Rubrics and Models for assessments and student projects
    * A Google Calendar that reminds students of due dates and deadlines
    * Videos, articles, and other multimedia materials that supplement class discussions and needs 
    This WILL NOT give parents access to student work (essays, narratives, etc.).  Access to Google Classroom simply allows you the ability to continue classroom conversations about due dates, class discussions, etc. at home and outside of school hours - It is NOT intended to be used as a social network or a platform for online parent discussions.
    ANY questions about the work or assignments posted?  Please contact us via email.
    For information on what accepting our invitation and joining Google Classroom will offer, please check out the link below:

    MATERIALS for Class:
    SCHOOL ISSUED CPU - Will be used regularly. It is expected that each student has it with them in class daily.
    Pens or Pencils (they will not be provided)
    Single Subject Notebook (this will be collected occasionally - it should contain ELA work only)
    1" 3-Ring Binder (this will be collected occasionally - it should contain ELA work only)

    INFLIGHT (STUDENT NEWSPAPER) - The staff is always looking for writers, photographers, and artists.  Check out the link below and get involved.
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