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    Welcome Back 2020-2021
    Mock Trial Feb8 Mock Trial 2
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    Teacher Email:  Jgordon@frontiercsd.org
     Areas of Interest for Students
    1. Mock Trial Team:  Meeting will be announced for students interested in participating very soon!  Also, a new website, Twitter feed and Instagram page is coming soon.
    2. Inflight:  Inflight is working on a new Informational website including articles, writer information and more.  See posting soon!
    3. Business Law: Welcome new students!  We will start the year out learning about work contracts, rules and rights. 
    4. Personal Law: I'm looking forward to meeting all students Semester 2
    5. CFM:  Welcome back students!  We are starting the year off with a Career Interest survey and basic budgeting
    6. Debate and Communications:  I'm looking forward to meeting all students semester 2
    7. Keyboarding:  Please see my computer course page for classwork, upcoming assignments and more
    8. Web Design: Transitioning to Google Sites this year with final projects being a start to student portfolio 

    Students interested in taking specific courses geared towards career paths can choose from the following clusters of courses:

    1. Law (Business Law, Personal Law and Trial skills)

    2. Computer Technology (Keyboarding/Word, Web Design and Career Financial Management)

    3. Career/Work Related (CFM, Business Finance)

    4. Finance (Accounting and finance courses)


    Mr. Gordon
    E-Mail:  jgordon@frontiercsd.org
    Room  230
    Phone:  926-1720 ext. 2230

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