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    Welcome Back 2022-2023
    Mock Trial Feb8 Mock Trial 2
    Teacher Email:  Jgordon@frontiercsd.org
    Period 1:  Personal Law
    Period 2:  Business Law
    Period 3:  FREE (Planning)
    Period 4:  FREE (Planning)
    Period 5:  CFM
    Period 6:  Lunch
    Period 7:  CFM
    Period 8:  Study Hall (In room 230)
    Period 9:  Business Law
    **  Students are always free to schedule time for review, quiz-test taking or other needs during free periods during the day or after school
    A.  Mock Trial Team: Students interested in learning to debate, entering a legal field or just interested in learning to become a better communicator should consider joining this.  We are a competition debate team using legal cases as the basis.  We compete against other WNY public and private schools in Buffalo City Court in February and March.  More details will be given at the opening meeting on Tuesday September 13th in room 230 at 1:50 after school.  We will meet until 3pm and discuss the club, competition and more.
    B.  IN FLIGHT:  In Flight is the student newspaper and all students interested in writing articles, working on layout (Using Adobe In Design), creating art, editing or other things should consider joining.  In Flight has represented the students of Frontier now for over 20 years and our former students have gone on to enter fields ranging from business to journalism to law to medicine and more.  We cover any story related to Frontier or the area.  More details will be given at the opening meeting to be announced soon!
    Areas of Interest for Students
    1. Business Hall Decorating:  The business hall is always looking for new and exciting ways to represent the season.  Annual Halloween decorating is coming soon!
    2. FundraisersInflight and Mock Trial will discuss multiple fundraisers for the upcoming year in scheduled meetings.  We have wonderful ideas and look forward to student input.
    3. Business Law: Welcome new students!  We will start the year learning about work contracts, rules and rights. 
    4. Personal Law: Course is an introduction to the US legal system, comparing criminal and civil law rights.
    5. CFM:  Welcome back students!  We are starting the year off with a Career Interest survey and basic budgeting.
    6. Debate and Communications:  Course was designed to teach students to develop stronger communication skills through legal debate.

    Students interested in taking specific courses geared towards career paths can choose from the following clusters of courses:

    1. Law (Business Law, Personal Law and Trial skills)

    2. Computer Technology (Keyboarding/Word, Web Design and Career Financial Management)

    3. Career/Work Related (CFM, Business Finance)

    4. Finance (Accounting and finance courses)


    Mr. Gordon
    E-Mail:  jgordon@frontiercsd.org
    Room  230
    Phone:  926-1720 ext. 2230

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