• Mrs. Rayburg

    E-Mail: wrayburg@frontiercsd.org

    Phone: 926-1720 ext. 2121

    Room: 121

    I am pleased to help you all become positive-minded, productive members of society.  I am excited for our journey this year.  I have the utmost respect for your  individuality, and ask that you respect yourself, each other, and me.  In doing so, you will find that your year culminates in long lasting friendship with your classmates and a better understanding of your strengths.

    Grading Policy Information:

    64% of the Quarterly Average is comprised of Major Assignments:
    Essays, Tests, Projects, etc..

    36 % of the Quarterly Average is comprised of Minor Assignments:
    12% - Journals
    12% - Participation
    12% - Quizzes and Homework

    Major Assignment Late Acceptance Policy is 10 points off per day - EVEN IF YOU ARE ABSENT.
    You can submit via google docs or email, and will always have plenty of advance notice regarding due dates. 

    All assignment information and data is on the Infinite Campus Portal, viewable by both parents and students. 
    Please be aware that grades may not be available immediately, but my gradebook is always viewable to parents and students through the portal.


    I am not fussy about what supplies you buy, just that you have a dedicated 3-ring BINDER for English that has paper in it and something to write with everyday.  I do not loan pens or pencils and expect that you come prepared. No Excuses!
Last Modified on January 12, 2021