School Counselors 2021-22

This website contains a great deal of helpful information for you to access instantly. We will be continually updating our information for your convenience. Below you will find counselor assignments, designated alphabetically by student's last name and by grade level. PLEASE CHECK OUT THE COUNSELING NEWS FOR IMPORTANT INFORMATION
Name Phone Number Location Email Students
Mrs. Amy O'Connor-Rindfleisch 716-926-1720 Ext.2455 Second Floor Office - Room 201 9th A-DA, 10th A-DE, 11th A-DU, 12th A-DI
Ms. Maureen Glavey 716-926-1720 Ext. 2458 Second Floor Office - Room 201 9th DE-HA, 10th DI-HA, 11th DY-J, 12th DO-HA
Mr. Brendan McDermott 716-926-1720 Ext.2453 Student Services Office Standards Leader/9th SH-Z, 10th SE-Z, 11th SE-Z, 12th SC-Z
Mrs. Jennifer Cotroneo 716-926-1720 Ext.2456 Student Services Office 9th HE-ME, 10th HE-MC, 11th K-M, 12th HE-MA
Mrs. Karen O'Meara 716-926-1720 Ext.2454 Student Services Office 9th MI-SE, 10th ME-SC, 11th N-SC 12th MC-SA
Michelle Lake 716-926-1720 Ext. 2457 Second Floor Office - Room 201 REACH, ELL, HSA Students
716-926-1720 Ext.2448, 716-926-1733 - FAX Student Service Center Secretary

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