• College Planning  starts the first day you enter Frontier High School. Courses you take, grades you earn and activities that you participate in all have an effect on your college career. Throughout High School, your counselor will be meeting with you to discuss college planning. Junior College Planning Night, classroom visits for course selection, PSAT, AP and college information, College Visits and College Fairs are just a few of the things that the counseling center will be providing to assist you in your college search. By the Fall of your Senior year, you should have narrowed down your choices and be ready for the application process. The FINANCIAL AID process also starts early and the FAFSA will be available online on October 1. 

    Here is a link to the Senior College Planning Presentation for Fall 2020.  This presentation will review for you what had already been discussed at the Junior College Planning Workshop last spring.  Your counselor will then follow up with you individually to guide you through the process.  Your parents are welcome to come to this meeting as well.
    In addition, the computers in the Student support center can be used to  complete your applications.  When you are ready to apply, know where you are applying and make sure you know your Social Security number.  Important things to remember when applying:

    Start asking your teachers and counselors for letters of recommendation at the end of your Junior Year or early in your Senior year. Letter of Recommendation Form
    Take your SAT's, ACT's and check with your colleges to see if they require SAT II's.  When you register for the standardized tests, have your scores sent FOR FREE to up to four colleges.  SAT/ACT scores WILL NOT be on your high school transcripts.  You HAVE to have them sent to the schools you are applying to.  If you do NOT have them sent when you take the test, you will have to  send them later and it will cost you extra money.

    Start keeping a record of your clubs and activities.   You should start developing a resume that will be in included in your College Applications.  You can get help with your resume by using the Resume Template located on all the computers in the Student Service Center.
    Click here for resume template: Resume Template
    Applications should be submitted on-line or to your counselor by Thanksgiving.   If you are applying early action or Early Decision please check your deadlines carefully as these will be due sooner. 

    Start looking at the topics for any required essays.  Helpful information is available on how to write a good essay.  Click here for lots of great tips!   Essay Help Packet 

    If you apply on-line directly to a college without using the Common Application or the SUNY application,  MAKE SURE you let your counselor know and fill out the Transcript Request Form in the Student Service center or on this web site.

    If you apply on-line, make sure you are reading all of the information and download any necessary forms that individual schools require.  Many on-line applications also require that extra forms be filled out by your counselor and teachers. If you using the Common Application, it is required that you enter the e-mail addresses of anyone you want to write you a letter.  Please make sure you have the correct addresses or the teacher will not be able to complete your letter of recommendation.

    Valuable college and career information can also be found at:  www.wnyschoolcounselor.org