• Mr. Brunner

    12:1:1 Functional Life Skills


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    Room 248

    *A monthly news letter will go home every Friday. This will highlight important dates and information regarding our class for the upcoming week. Students will also receive a hard copy of the weekly news letter to take home on Fridays.

    *Class updates and information will be posted in GoogleClassroom. 

    2024-2025 Google Classroom invite link - https://classroom.google.com/c/NjQxOTk0NDY4ODY5?cjc=mvroqyq 


    2024-2025 Class Content and Topics

    English - Main ideas, theme, text structure, visual image elements, authors purpose and tone, point of view, literary devices, and story elements. We will read and analyze a variety of texts, including informational text, historical fiction, non fiction, poetry, and biographies/autobiographies. 

    Writing- Organizing writing with introductions and conclusions, descriptive details, editing and revising, summarizing and paraphrasing, and using descriptive details. Work on new vocabulary, prefixes and suffixes, context of multiple meaning words, sentence structure with proper mechanics and grammar, nouns, verbs, adjectives, prepositions and conjunctions. 

    Science - This year will focus on biology. Topics will include the study of cells, heredity and genetics, anatomy and physiology/body systems and organs, ecology and botany, zoology and marine biology, and nutrition.

    Social Studies - US History (focusing on pre-Civil War - present) We will cover topics including events leading up to the Civil War, the Civil War, Reconstruction Era, moving west, advancements in industry and factories, the Gilded Age, Spanish-American War, Imperialism, immigration, the Progressive Era,  World War 1, the Roaring 20's, the Great Depression, World War 2, the Cold War, Korean and Vietnam Wars, the Civil Rights Movement, the new age of technology, and 9/11 and the Post-9/11 Era.

    Math - Whole numbers and place values, converting decimals/percents/fractions into one another, powers of ten, mixed operations, single and multi-stepped problems, numerical expressions, measurements, number patterns, data and graphs, and money math/financial literacy.

    Daily Living Skills - We will focus on interview and job skills, independent living and self-advocacy skills, conflict resolution, health/wellness/safety, time management and organization, hygiene, social skills, money management, and community.


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    Our class focuses on core subject matter (English/writing, math, science, social studies) as well as daily living skills that will help students prepare for not only school, but for post-secondary life involving work, community and home settings. Students will learn effective ways to communicate with their peers and authoritative figures, problem solving skills, time management and scheduling, consumer shopping and budgeting, various modes of transportation, and nutrition. Our goal is to interconnect daily living skills into our core subjects, and how content can be connected/utilized to our everyday lives.

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  • Cooking/Baking Dates (2024-2025):

    9/20  ,  104  ,  10/18  ,  11/1  ,  11/15  ,  12/6  ,  12/20  ,  1/17  ,  1/31

    2/14  ,  2/27  ,  3/13  ,  4/17  ,  5/1  ,  5/15  ,  5/29

    Field Trips/Guest Speaker Date (Tentative) (2024-2025):

    10/11  ,  11/14  ,   12/13  ,  1/10  ,  2/5  ,  3/12  ,  4/24  ,  5/8

    Video Resources

    • TED Ed: Science

    • Khan Academy

    • Smithsonian: Explore Science and Nature

    • But Why: A Podcast for Curious Kids 

    • NASA

    • PhET Interactive Simulations

    • PBS Learning: Science

    • brains on!

    • Mystery Science

    • Tech Scientific

    • Maker Stations

    • Elemental Science

    • Positive Physics

    • The Concord Consortium

    • The Science Spot

    • Tyto Online 

    • Weather Wizkids

    • Ask Dr. Universe