Multi-Use Field Project Vote


    The track is currently planned to be reconstructed and redone in 2020. The field, if passed by the voters of the district, would also be done in 2020.

    Laurens Dietz Field is the main field for Frontier's athletics. The proposed turf field would be used for football, soccer, lacrosse, practice space for baseball and softball and physical education classes.

    10.8% of high school students grades 9-12 participate in a fall sport that would be impacted by these fields. Grades 7-12  that number is 12.2%. Even more students participate in spring sports: 18.8% grades 9-12 and 20.8% in grades 7-12.

    Due to summer repairs, there is less availability for the community and the student population. If the district upgrades to turf, students will be able to use these facilities at no cost instead of paying to play elsewhere.

    Having a turf field would make Frontier more competitive with other area schools and provide athletes more outdoor practice time in the spring. 


    The district wants to provide the best for students, but at the same time take taxpayers into account. A digital scoreboard is not included, the project focuses on the field itself. The cost of $1.8 million includes the drainage, the underneath the sand base as well as the turf, fencing and netting.

    Frontier receives state building aid at a 75% rate when borrowing for capital projects.

    An average family home is assessed at $99,000. On a $100,000 that is a $3 tax increase. So for every $1,000 assessed value it is a 3 cent increase.


    When you replace a turf field, you just replace the top. Again that cost is 75% state aidable. The district can finance the replacement by putting $15,000 away each year. Over 15 years that is $225,000, which would easily cover the replacement.


    A public hearing was held on Sept. 18 at the Frontier Education Center. 

    Budget graphic showing 75% state aid, 25% local share equaling .1% over 16 years or $.03 per $1000 valuation.

  • The vote is September 27, 2018 from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. at the Town of Hamburg Senior Community Center.



    If you have questions, please don’t hesitate to call the district office at 716-926-1700 or email at


    Benefits of a turf field