i-Ready at Home

  • The Frontier Central School District uses i-Ready as an instructional tool for students in Grades K-8.  It is an interactive online learning platform designed to assess students in both reading and mathematics.  Online personalized instruction is based on each student’s unique needs.  

    i-Ready includes both diagnostic and instructional tools in reading and mathematics.  Diagnostic placement test data is used to create individualized instructional pathways for each student.  Teachers may allow i-Ready to personalize individual instruction or they may assign lessons for individual students, small groups or their entire classroom.  

    i-Ready Diagnostic:

    The i-Ready diagnostic is a powerful tool for driving instruction that is targeted to meet the needs of students and may address unfinished learning brought about by last year’s COVID closure.  Although diagnostics are given in school under normal circumstances, we have worked with our parents to implement the diagnostic assessments in both reading and math to our fully virtual students from home.  

    Diagnostics are given as benchmarks at three specific times during the academic school year in order to monitor the progress and growth of students in reading and mathematics.  For this year, our diagnostic windows are:

    Fall Assessment:  9/16/20 - 10/21/20 

    Winter Assessment:  1/4/21 - 1/15/21 

    Spring Assessment:  5/24/21 - 6/4/21

    In order to ensure that diagnostic data is accurate and a true reflection of each student’s abilities, the following steps are essential when giving the diagnostics from home:

    • Find a quiet space for your child to take the diagnostic
    • Work with your child’s teacher to plan a time for your student to take the diagnostic.  Your teacher may assign a time or you will be asked to determine a time on your own.
    • The diagnostic is untimed and may be given in short time blocks or sessions.  
    • Encourage your child not to rush through the diagnostic.  Students who rush are often “flagged” by the system.  
    • As your child works, encourage them to do their best.  In order to fully reflect your child’s ability, you should not assist them in answering questions as this may lead to the online lessons not being at the right level for your child.  
    • Ensure that your child has fully completed the assessment.  Once completed, they will receive a congratulatory message and see lessons appear on their screen.

    i-Ready Online Instruction:

    Personalized online instruction through i-Ready in both reading and mathematics will complement teacher-led instruction.  In addition, it may be used to target skills and address specific needs individual students may have.  Personalized i-Ready instruction will also serve to supplement core instruction, whether delivered by the teacher in the hybrid or fully remote instructional models.  

    Students will work with teachers in setting goals for Time-on-Task and Percent of Lessons Passed.  In general, students should aim for 45 minutes of Time-on-Task per subject per week with pass rates of 70-100%.  

    Teachers may also strategically assign lessons directly in i-Ready for individual students.  

    Math Learning Games:

    i‑Ready’s interactive Learning Games strengthen understanding of mathematical concepts and foster a positive relationship with challenging mathematics standards. Learning Games are available for students in Grades K–5 using i‑Ready Instruction for mathematics.  

    Students are encouraged to play the games for roughly 20 minutes per week.  Learning Games should be used to supplement, not replace, existing mathematics instruction, including i‑Ready Online Instruction.


    Please note that additional resources may be posted for parents throughout the year.