• Safe Schools Committee
    The Frontier Safe Schools Committee is a group of individuals from within the school as well as the community.  It is comprised of administrators, parents, students, law enforcement, agency representatives, and other interested community members. If you would like to become a member, call the Instruction Office at 926-1795 for information.

    This school year will continue to focus on a number of issues that deal with providing a safe and healthy climate that promotes student learning and student success.  Preventing bullying and cyber-bullying in our schools is foremost in this effort.  We will continue to foster an environment of dignity and respect for all in our school buildings as well as promoting a safe and secure environment that is conducive to learning.
    The Frontier Central School District has developed a District-Wide School Safety Plan pursuant to NYSED Commissioner’s Regulation 155.17(b).  At the direction of the Frontier Central School District Board of Education, the Superintendent of Frontier Central School District appointed a District-Wide Safety Team and charged it with the development and maintenance of the District-Wide Safety Plan.  The Safety Team consists of, but not limited to, representatives of the School Board, students, teachers, administrators, community representatives, school safety personnel and other school personnel.  Per NYSED Section 155.17(e)(3), a summary of this plan will be made available for public comment, after its adoption by the Board of Education.


  • Safe Schools Committee 
    Ryan Sikorski
    Jennifer Makowski

    Dignity Complaints
    Myra Pinker
    Dignity For All Students Act
    DASA Coordinators
    Colleen Duggan, Myra Pinker, Daniel Charland, William McDonagh, Shannon Thurston, Danielle Kalinski, David Smaczniak, Ryan Sikorski, Deanne Lester, Julia Bermingham, Linda Dansa, Renee Kumiega, Jennifer Makowski and all District Social Workers.
    If you wish to report an issue/call the school building.  Phone numbers as well as confidential hotline phone numbers are listed on each specific building page on this website.

    The link below is a compilation by the District's social workers that reflects the efforts made in our district at this time.