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    Mrs. Yeager


    Room 114 

    Phone 926-1760 (ext 6114)

    Welcome to Pre-Kindergarten

    We are off to a wonderful start this year!
    Students are busy making new friends, and adjusting to classroom routines.
    Some Important Skills for Pre-Kindergarten Students....
    * Upper and lowercase letter recognition
    * Rhyming
    * Name writing
    * Identifying colors and shapes
    * Number recognition 1-10
    * Orally counting to 20
    * Counting sets to 10
    * Sorting and Patterning
     dancing crayon
    Fun Ways to Practice skills at home....
    * Letter Hunt- Look for and identify letters in your home environment (cereal box)
    * Counting step from on place to another (mailbox to front door)
    * Making letters and numbers using playdoh or shaving cream
    * Read Nursery Rhymes and Rhyming Stories
    * Play I Spy with colors and shapes
    * Sort household items (socks, macaroni, or buttons)
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