• Welcome to Cloverbank Elementary School!


    Thank you for visiting our school website. I hope that the information provided will help in providing you more information about our school and give you an understanding of why we are so proud of our students and staff.

    I am honored to be the principal of a school where the nurturing and caring of children, high expectations and character building are a priority. By working together, we can ensure that your child is successful, productive and dynamic in school.

    Making sure your child arrives on time each day and ready to learn, helping them with homework and talking with them about what they’re studying in school are some of the best ways you can help your child. I also strongly encourage you to read to or with your child daily regardless of their age. This is one of the best ways to foster their love of reading while building their skills.

    Please know that I value your input on all matters related to your child’s education and encourage you to call or email if you have a question, concern or an idea that you’d like to share.

    Please check our calendar for important events and the INFORMATION AND UPDATES tab.  Our school newsletter is updated monthly!

    Thank you for your support of Cloverbank Elementary School!


    Renee M. Kumiega


Last Modified on October 1, 2020