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    Dear Parents,

    K - 3rd grade have physical education 47 minutes twice a week.  Your child needs to come prepared with sneakers.  Preferably tie sneakers.  Zipper, velcro and stretch sneakers tend to come loose frequently and make it difficult for your child to participate comfortably.  We also encourage girls to wear pants on PE days.  Dresses and skirts make it difficult to move through the various activities we have planned throughout the class period.

    4th-5th grades have physical education for 47 minutes twice a week.  Besides having proper sneakers, they also need a change of clothes.  Shorts and a t-shirt are appropriate (no spaghetti straps).  Students can also wear sweat pants or sweatshirts during the cooler weather.  PLEASE remind students NOT to bring their PE clothes home to be washed until they have brought a clean pair to change into.  By following this simple rule your child will NEVER be unprepared for class.  4th and 5th  grade also use the locker room!  They need a combination lock (Master), towel, deodorant, pony tail band for those students with longer hair,.


    As required by New York State Law, your child will have physical education twice a week.  If your child is unable to participate in Physical Education class due to an injury or illness, please have written note from a physician, parent, or guardian.  If he/she needs to be excused for more than two consecutive classes, a note from a doctor is necessary.

    District policy states that no jewelry may be worn during P.E. class.  Please discuss the importance of this policy with your child.  Regarding earrings; we strongly discourage the wearing of earrings in P.E. and will not allow any earrings that hang below the ear lobe.  If your child has trouble removing pierced earrings, please practice at home or see that they do not wear them on P.E. days.

    Mr. Procknal 

    Physical Education Department

    E-Mail:  dprocknal@frontiercsd.org

    Room  146               Phone:  926-1760 ext. 6146

Last Modified on November 8, 2016