• Reading Lab Grades 6 ,7 and 8 Classroom Guidelines and Course Expectations   

    Mrs. Kathleen Woods - Rm. 235  

    Contact number: 926-1730 ext. 3235

    Email: kwoods@frontiercsd.org

    (please know that email is the fastest way to reach me; also please include your child’s full name (first and last) and grade level in all communications, as I teach 10 sections of lab, and three grade levels; every effort will be made to respond to your calls/emails within 24 hours or less)

    Objective: This course is designed to help students strengthen their skills in Reading and Writing in order to prepare students for greater success in all academic areas.  Emphasis will be placed on reading and analyzing fiction and nonfiction texts, learning and reviewing reading strategies as well as vocabulary development.


        3-Prong folder with pockets

    To be brought to class daily (required for all middle school classes); a pencil pouch is highly recommended:

    -pens and pencils

    -looseleaf paper

    -a DEAR book for independent, silent reading (should be the one your child is reading for the quarterly independent reading assignment for your child’s ELA class)

    - student agenda 

    The Reading lab is designed to be a small group atmosphere. I have stressed to the students that my expectations for them to follow the classroom rules/procedures are very strictly applied. Our basic classroom rules are to be courteous, respectful, always prepared and to give 100% effort. If a mistake in judgment is made by a student, the protocol is: 1) Warning, 2) Moved Seat/Location, 3) Staying 13th period, 4) Phone call or email home and referral

     I expect all students to be respectful of: being quiet when independent work is assigned, talking quietly when partners or groups are meeting, having a strong work ethic and using class time well, being respectful of self, our classroom/materials, and others. I want every child to be successful in my class.


    Homework: Students are expected to study their bi-weekly vocabulary words for the end of the week quiz.

    13th period: Your child can ask to stay with me for help on any ELA assignments and at any time.

     Grading: This course earns “S” for satisfactory, or “U” for unsatisfactory. Effort will count heavily, but students will be assessed periodically throughout the year in various skills after guided practice is provided. Students are accountable to work with me to track, set learning goals, and make progress throughout the year in order to obtain an “S.”. “Satisfactory” will be earned if students have made reasonable and measurable progress. Meaning, students must show growth from the beginning, to the end of the year. If not, a student will earn a “U.” The assessments will not be the same, but they will be the same skill/content/pattern.
















Last Modified on September 12, 2016