• Today is: Thursday, March 30, 2023

    Welcome to Grade 7
    Welcome to Physical Science
    with Mr. Addesa & Mrs. Mihalik

    This site will be a tool for student and parents in Science 7 and will include information and resources for your science class. Take a moment to bookmark the site in your internet browser for easy reference throughout the school year.

    Site Summary: You can access all of the following pages through your toolbar on the left of this page or by clicking the names below.

    Unit Pages- Each unit will have a page specific to it and will be availableduring the period of time we are studying that unit. The page for Unit 1 is currently available.

    The Copy Page - The copy page will be a source for many of the worksheets, labs, and review materials we use in our exploration of physical science. A great resource if you leave something at school or lost your copy.

    Other Pages TBA