• Arrival/Dismissal

    Students arriving and dismissing from Frontier Middle School may follow a variety of protocols depending on the specifics governing their individual circumstance:

    • Early Arrival- students enter the building at front door by flagpole
    • Bus Arrival - anytime between 7:45 and 8:00.  At 8:00 students are dismissed from their bus and enter the building at front doors (Amsdell Road) and side doors (large parking lot)
    • Drop Off - parents must pull into the middle school parking lot and let students off at the first wall exit from the parking lot
    • Late Arrival – students enter door #2 by the flagpole
    • Regular Dismissal - dismissal for most students is at 2:45. Students dismiss from the back doors closest to parking lot, side doors and front doors
    • Dismissal to High School – Bus 190 is generally the shuttle bus to the HS. It is located on the parking lot side of the building, the last bus in the middle row.  Additional shuttles or changes to this will be made during announcements. Students may check in with the main office if they are unsure which shuttle to take.
    • Homework Haven 4:00 – students are escorted by h.h. teacher to wait at side doors. Students are dismissed from the building only after all busses arrive, are parked and doors are open.
    • Detention 5:00 – students are escorted by detention teacher to wait at side doors. Students are dismissed from the building only after the busses arrive, are parked and doors are open.  If parents are not at the school by 5:00 to pickup their  child, that student will be placed on the bus for transport home.