• Arrival/Dismissal

    Students arriving and dismissing from Frontier Middle School may follow a variety of protocols depending on the specifics governing their individual circumstance:

    • Early Arrival- students enter the building at Door #1 and go to Cafeteria beginning at 7:20am.
    • Bus Arrival - anytime between 7:35 and 7:48.  At 7:35 students are dismissed from their bus and enter the building at front doors (facing Amsdell Road).
    • Drop Off - parents must pull into the middle school parking lot and let students off at the first wall exit from the parking lot.  Students should walk to Door #2 to enter.
    • Late Arrival – students enter door #2 by the flagpole with a note stating why they are late.
    • Regular Dismissal - dismissal for most students is at 2:23. Students dismiss from the back doors closest to parking lot, side doors and front doors.
    • At this time there are no after school buses available.  Parent or Guardian should plan on picking up their child at the school after the event.