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    Due to Covid concerns, I cannot keep student folders in the classroom as I once have. Also, sharing of supplies is not happening for now, until a system that is safe for students is devised.
    To be brought with you every class day:
    1 - two pocket folder to hold your work
    • pen(s) - blue or black (having both means editing in another color is possible)
    • Red pens for editing (if at all possible, but not required)
    • pencil(s) (whatever kind your child likes best)
    • pink eraser
    • highlighters
    • looseleaf paper
    • colored pencils
    • glue stick
     *(these are items that all middle school students should have available at all times; a zippered pencil pouch is highly recommended)
    your Independent Reading book (a book to read)
Last Modified on August 27, 2020