• Danielle Kalinski

    (716) 270-5363


    Hello! I am Danielle Kalinski, proud principal of Frontier BIG Picture Academy! My husband and I are both Frontier alumni, and our two children attend Frontier High School.

    I taught at the Middle School for 17 years in Special Education. I worked as Assistant Director in the Special Education office for one year and then as Assistant Principal at the Middle School for nearly 4 years.

    My passion for teaching and learning and belief that personalized education is best for students is what brought me to BIG Picture. I am dedicated to the success of our community and believe that begins with preparing our students for THEIR future, not just A future. BIG Picture teaching and learning empowers students by giving them knowledge, confidence, and skills to make an impact on their community and share their talents with the world. I am excited to be on this journey with our students, their families, and the BIG Picture team.

    Danielle, wearing a black sweater and green scarf, sitting at her desk