• Are you ready to re-think education?
    Are you ready to re-define academic success?

    Are you ready to re-imagine your high school choices and pathways?



    We seek to enroll students who embody the following qualities and aspirations:

    • Engage in a rigorous academic program that includes inquiry-based learning and collaborative projects, with classes held three days a week (Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays) once internships begin.

    • Participate in real-world internships/work-to-learn experiences two days a week (Tuesdays and Thursdays), where they will explore careers, develop professional skills and make a positive impact in their community.

    • Contribute to campus life by participating in community and team-building activities, advisory and special events.

    • Work independently and proactively consult with teachers as needed, as part of the daily expectation.

    • Manage time and resources well and are self-motivated to fulfill the varied responsibilities of their individualized learning plan.



    Two days per week, students work with a mentor from the community in an internship of their choosing, where relevant, authentic projects and learning give them a sense of how their interests play out in the real world and help them prepare for college and career. They will:

    • Discover passions and interests

    • Build relationships

    • Learn rigorous academics

    • Develop relevant skills


    Can anyone apply?

    Frontier BIG Picture Academy is a school of choice, integrated with New York State Regents standards, CTE Curriculum and Certification and the principles of the BIG Picture Learning Network, which focus on relevant, real-world experiences.

    Students who participate in Frontier BIG Picture Academy are welcome to participate in all sports, music, art, drama, clubs and all Frontier High School events.


    Click on the link to complete a Frontier BIG Picture Student Interest Form.