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    Welcome to Occupational (OT) and Physical Therapy (PT) Resource Page

    Occupational and Physical therapists in the school setting are part of the educational team.  School based therapy is intended to meet the developmental needs of the students, and help them to be successful learners.  Our focus is on how the child's skill level impacts  their school performance.

    OT and PT are considered related services within the educational plan, and must have a relationship to the student's educational performance.  Therapy assists in the development of skills to increase the independence of the student within the school setting.  The educational environment includes the classroom, playground, cafeteria, school mobility, and field trips.

    PT services focus on the development of gross motor skills, balance, strength, endurance, coordination, and school mobility.  OT services focus on fine motor skill development, writing, cutting, self-help skills, and sensory processing.

    OT and PT services in New York State require a physician's prescription before therapy services can begin, and need to be updated annually.

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Last Modified on June 29, 2011