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Phase 1a

SOAR PROJECT UPDATE -  As we inch closer to the Spring, the District is getting closer to bidding out our Capital Project work and putting shovels in the ground. As many of you are aware, the District has approved $70.1 million project work which spans over all of our facilities and schools. Monthly, I will try and keep the community updated in regard to progress and work scheduled in each phase. Currently, the work is broken down into four phases. In addition, Phase 1 has four sub-sections, A-D. In this update I will summarize Phase 1a, which represents the first wave of work being completed. Over the course of the next month I will attempt to keep the community updated on phases 1b-d.

    • High School: Softball and baseball turf diamonds, concession stand foundation work and piping work in the basement of the school.
    • Pinehurst: Renovation of 27 classrooms, lavatory upgrades, new playground, cafeteria floor and replacement of student lockers in two wings.
    • Blasdell: Two new kitchen serving lines.
    • Cloverbank: Kitchen serving lines and new playground.
    • Big Tree: New playground, digital entrance signs and newly designed student drop off area.