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Inclement Weather

Inclement Weather

If school is closed for the day due to weather or some other emergency: the Before and After School Programs are closed as well.

At times the weather makes it necessary for the Superintendent to decide midday to cancel all After School Activities.

Some important things for you to know:

  1. The After School Program will still be open as normal! You will receive a general message via email, stating: “The After School Program is open. To ensure everyone gets home safely, please plan on picking up your children as early as possible.”
  2. Should the Superintendent decide that "all Buildings need to be closed”, you will receive a message via email as well as a phone call from the Providers requesting that you make arrangements to pick up your children immediately.

If you need to add anyone to your authorized pick up list, please do so. Remember, we will not contact anyone on your list aside from the Parents/Guardians and your emergency contacts (in case of an emergency and we are unable to reach you).

Should you have questions, please call the Before and After School Office at 926-1744.