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RoboRAVE Brings Robots to Frontier

RoboRAVE Brings Robots to Frontier

A student helps a teacher fix a robot's wheel. What is a robot? Is it plastic or metal? Does it run on electricity? 

Students and teachers got their first look at some of the robotics that will be coming to the Frontier Central School District on Tuesday, September 17. At Cloverbank Elementary, they speculated what a robot is, did the input, process, output dance and practiced the "1, 2, 3, Yeah!" chant for when your robot works like it's programmed. 

Teachers got the robots going on the rug in the library and students interacted with the robots in a "bump and avoid" setting, like a Roomba. 

RoboRAVE representatives also presented at Pinehurst, the middle and high school and the Board of Education. The other elementary schools will be visited Wednesday, September 18. 

RoboRAVE will be working with the district throughout the year leading up to the Maker Expo and RoboRave on March 28, 2020.