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Frontier News Highlighted on Channel 4

Frontier News Highlighted on Channel 4

The Frontier Central School Disctrict has many new and exciting initiatives in store for the 2019-20 school year. The Channel 4 News crew was onsite at the high school/Big Tree campus the morning of the first day of school on September 4. 

Through several live broadcasts, the district emphasized our commitment to experiential student learning opportunities and communication with the school community. 

Watch Channel 4's Broadcast

Still of Channel 4 broadcast

2019-20 Initiatives

  • New Website,
  • New Facebook page
  • School Store/Bank location at High School
  • New facilities completed over the summer - new bus loop and bathrooms at the high school
  • Foodtruck to replace old consession stand 
  • Districtwide Maker Expo and Robo Rave event in March
  • Telemedicine expands to the High School and looks to take on mental health component
  • New Makerspaces in all elementary schools and the middle school
  • New NEST Program - Nurturing Every Student's Talent emphasizes social-emotional learning and character education
  • Classcraft Pilot - Fourth grade students at Big Tree are using a game to learn course material as well as social-emotional learning concepts
  • And much more to come ...