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December 7, 2021 Points of Pride

At the December 7 Frontier Board of Education meeting, the board commended a middle school student and three athletic teams for their accomplishments.

Sixth grader Jayden Thompson was recognized for his quick decision-making, courage, citizenship and responsible action.

Four Girls Varsity Swim Team members Madeline Domster, Zoe Zawodzinski, Emma Sauer and Grace Vogt were commended for breaking school records in the 200 and 400 Free Style Relay and representing Frontier at the New York State Championship where they placed seventh overall.

The Girls Varsity Volleyball Team was recognized for winning the New York State Section VI Championship for the second straight year.

The board also commended Cross Country teammates and siblings, Cameron Bogdan and Lillie Bogdan for participating in the New York State Class A Cross Country Championship placing 44th and 13th.

Jayden and family
Pictured are Eric Thompson, Jayden Thompson and Jillian Kalbeck.

Swim TeamPictured are Grace Vogt, Emma Sauer, Zoe Zawodzinski and Madeline Domster.

Volleyball TeamPictured are Ella Niedbalski, Morgan Pasternak and Coach Schruefer.

Cross CountryPictured are Cameron and Lillie Bogdan.