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Weapons Detection System Demo

Weapons Detection System Demo

Next week the high school will be demoing a weapons detection system called Evolv. Evolv Express is a crowd screening system that keeps high-volume entrances flowing by reliably detecting guns and IEDs (individual explosive devices) as people walk through at a natural pace. I want to make sure our students and families understand that this is a demo system only and we will review its effectiveness for a week starting next Wednesday. We have attached a link for all families to be knowledgeable of the system and have a good understanding of its capabilities (Evolv Express PDF). This system is in coordination with the District Safety Plan’s three phases for the added protection of our students and staff. The three phases of security are:

  • Adding a second School Resource Officer (Officer Lahrs) to the District, mainly responsible for our schools in the south areas of the District: Pinehurst/Cloverbank/Middle School. Officer Horrigan is responsible for Big Tree/High School/Blasdell

  • Installation of entry proof window film on all of the schools' first floor windows and entryways

  • Installation of Evolv Express low frequency weapons detection system being demoed this week. 

evolv scanner