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Calendar Changes for May and June

District Calendar Changes

Each year, the District builds additional days into the instructional calendar for weather or emergency related issues. This year, Frontier CSD accounted for only two of the five days available. Therefore, we are converting one of the days as a “Weather Give Back” day to all staff on May 27, 2022. The other two days will remain in our instructional calendar. There will be no school on this day nor any District operations. This added day off will result in a four-day weekend for students and staff in combination with the Memorial Day Holiday on Monday, May 30.

Thursday, June 16th is the District’s Health and Wellness day. On that day, Frontier Central School will be student ½ day, the second half of the day for staff will include health and wellness-related activities. Each of our schools’ student ½ days are a little different based upon start and end times.

June 16 falls during Regent's week, so high school students will only attend school that day if they have a scheduled exam. Afternoon Regents Exams will still be taking place. End times for other schools: 

  • Middle School - Buses 10:45AM, Pick-up 11AM
  • Big Tree - Buses 12:15PM, Pick-up 12PM
  • Blasdell - Buses 11:20AM, Pick-up 11AM
  • Cloverbank - Buses 12PM, Pick-up 11:55AM
  • Pinehurst - Buses 11AM, Pick-up 11:20AM