.Communication is very important for the success of our students.  I use different ways to keep the lines of communication open -

    1 . E-MAIL- fdemartino@frontiercsd.org. 
    3. PHONE- 926-1730 Ext. 3227- I typically check my messages at the end of each day but email is the best way to contact me.
    4.  WRITE - You can write a note or in the agenda - if you choose this method please ask your child to hand the note to me.



    What Can You Expect from Ms. DeMartino?


    - We are a team - each one of us is valuable and has so much to offer.  I will respect you as an individual and as a member of our class.

       I will come in each day prepared and ready to help you achieve your goals and to help you understand the material covered this school year.

         I will be available for special help on virtual days for small groups or 1-1 help



    What is Expected of You (the student)?


      All homework and assignments are expected on time.

       You are responsible for work missed due to absences - we will help you

        You are expected to be prepared for class with homework and pen/pencil(s).

        You are expected to behave in an appropriate manner to other students, teachers and school property.


    What Can You Expect For Homework?

     You will have homework and be expected to work from home on virtual days.  If you ned help, please contact me and I will do my best to help.