• Mr. Brown Green Team English Language Arts

    Grade 8, 2022-2023 Green Team. 
    Week of March 27  Your IR Project is due Wednesday!
    Mon. Read and annotate Gratitude article. Bring IR books to class tomorrow.
    Tues. Sustained Silent Reading!
    Fri. Audio-visual presentation.
    Week of March 20  Keep reading your IR book and completing the next three quotations!
    Mon. Review your "Mrs. Flowers" test.  If you scored 15/20 on the CRQ, then write out this model response on a separate sheet of paper.
    Tues. Read and annotate "The Sniper". Here is the  audio of "The Sniper"HW: Finish your next three IR quotations for tomorrow.
    Wed. Answer the questions on "The Sniper."
    Thurs. Sustained Silent Rreading -- Bring your IR book!
    Fri. Quiz on "The Sniper."
    Week of March 13  Complete three quotations from your IR book for Tuesday!!
    Mon. Review this IR Quotations Example for guidance on how to do your IR Quotations. Brainstorm Crows Essay Question.  Start with the two body paragraphs.
    Tues.  Write the two body paragraphs for you essay study  these Smartboard notes.
    Wed.  You need your IR book for class today!! HW: finish your two CRQs and the two body paragraphs!
    Thurs. Write the Intro and Conclusion.  Proofread your essay.
    Fri.  Type up your final copy in Google Classroom. Correct the mistakes in your "Mrs. Flowers" thank-you letter from your test: Model corrections .
    Week of March 6.  Read your IR book every night! 
    Mon. Listen to the story in Google Classroom and answer the questions. Finish for HW 6!!!
    Tues. Go over HW 6 questions.  Finish watching the Google Slide presentation.  HW: Re-read the story and review the last two slides of the Google Slide presentation. This Mrs Flowers lecture  will help you study for the test tomorrow.
    Wed. Test on Mrs. Flowers.
    Thurs.  Read and annotate the first article. "Brain Birds" and answer the first question: Crows articles and questions. 
    Fri. Read the second of the Crows articles, "A Soft Spot for Crows" and answer the second question. IR: Your first three quotations are due Tuesday!
    Week of February 27
    Mon. Read this poem and folktale Rendezvous and Baghdad, and answer Who, What, When, Where, Why, + How.
    Tues. In eDoctrina, read the poem and answer the eight questions. (Use your 5 W's + H strategy!)
    Wed. Find two important quotations from The Book Thief and tell what they contribute to the novel as a whole.
    Thurs. Read "Mrs Flowers" story. Annotate the text as you read, using the reading strategies.  Watch this Mrs Flowers Slide Presentation. 
    Fri. Read the poem "Sympathy" (using the 5 W's + H strategy) and answer the four questions.
    Use this link to access the questions for reading and listening: Book Thief Materials .
    Week of February 13  Start looking for a new IR book! March 1st is the deadline!
    Mon. Watch movie. Answer questions 13-16 in class.  Finish for homework.
    Tues.  Read to p. 90 and listen to 57:40.  Answer questions #17-22
    Wed. Read p. 91-100 very carefully especially "Dead Letters." Answer questions 23-29
    Thurs. Quiz on part one. Read to p. 122.
    Fri. Read p.101 - 121 and answer questions 30-34.
    Week of February 6  School Supplies: 4 pens & 50 sheets of lined paper on Friday.
    Tues. Begin reading The Book Thief in class: p1-29. Listen to the first 33 minutes. See Google Classroom for excerpts and questions.


    Wed. Read p.30-40. Listen from 33:00 to 51:00).
    Thurs. Read p. 40-51 (listen to 1:10:00).  Go to Google Classroom and answer the questions for HW. Another  HW: Bring in 4 pens (blue or black ink) and 50 sheets of lined paper
    Week of January 30.  Use your Sentence Combining Packet  to complete the following activities
    Mon.  Activity 10, combining sentences without using a conjunction.
    Tues. Activity 2, conjunctive adverbs, Definitions of Conjunctive Adverbs. 
    Wed. Activity 3, subordinating conjunctions
    Week of January 23
    Mon. Finish and hand in your essay in Google Classroom.  HW: Finish your IR project and prepare your booktalk.
    Tues. & Wed. Present booktalks in class.
    Thurs.  Sentence Combining Packet. Today, FANBOYS - p.66, 67, 68. Study the Example Sentences and do Activity 1. 
    Fri. Short classes.  Presentation on 9th grade English.
    Week of January 16     Read your IR book for 20 minutes every night.
    Mon. Holiday in honor of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr
    Tues. Brainstorm this question:  Suppose you could travel to another place.  Describe your trip, the preparation involved, and the challenges you might face. (Use your Elaboration Techniques!)
    Wed. Sustained Silent Reading
    Thurs. Write your rough draft of the essay you brainstormed. Notes on Essay .
    Fri. Proofread and type up the final copy in Google Classroom; hand in your rough draft with the rubric.  HW: Work on your IR project! It is now due on January 24th.
    Week of January 9.         
    Mon. Bring your IR book for sustained silent reading! You should have finished analyzing the proverbs I assigned to you on Friday. HW: Review proverbs 1 - 42.
    Tues. Present your proverbs to the class. HW: Review Quizlet Proverbs 1-42.
    Wed. Quiz on Proverbs 1 - 42.  HW: Review Quizlet Proverbs 43-92.
    Thurs. Finish presentations. HW: Review the Quizlet Proverbs 43-92 (same as yesterday)
    Fri.  Quiz on proverbs 43 - 92.  
    Week of January 2.  Homework: Read your IR book for 20 minutes every night.
    Mon. No classes. Keep reading your IR book!
    Tues. Interpret the proverbs "A leopard cannot change its spots" and "Marry in haste, repent at leisure."
    Wed. Interpret this proverb: "A man is known by the company he keeps." Go over the IR Project guidelines.
    Thurs. "You made your bed, now you must lie in it" and "A miss is as good as a mile."
    Fri. Research the proverbs I give you in class.  See my Proverb Page for instructions.
    Week of December 19.  Do you have your IR book yet?
    Mon. Read and annotate "The Christmas Truce of 1914".  
    Tues. Omnivore test corrections. HW: Bring in your IR book 
    Wed. Fill in Google Form about your IR book.  Answer "Christmas Truce" questions.
    Thurs. Go over "Christmas Truce" questions.  Watch select passages from War Horse.
    Fri. Read your IR book in class. Blizzard of '22.
    Week of December 12 Start looking for your next IR book! 
    Mon. Finish the Key Terms from Friday
    Tues. Omnivore Test Review, finish for HW
    Wed. Omnivore Test
    Thurs.  HW: Review the Key Terms Quizlet from Ominvore
    Fri. Key Terms Quiz. Read and annotate "The Christmas Truce of 1914"
    Week of December 5. 
    Mon. Answer the Index questions 1-6 at the bottom of the page. HW: CRQ letter G
    Tues. CRQ quiz.  HW: Read ch 15 & 16
    Wed. Summarize ch 13 & 14 using the headings. HW: Read ch 17.
    Thurs.  Reading check on ch 15-17. Look up these words in the dictionary: Key Terms. Choose and write down the definition which matches the way the word is used in Omnivore.
    Fri. Skip ch 18, and read ch 19 in class. Why is the last section called "Don't Look Away"?
    Week of November 28
    Mon. Have you read ch 9 in Omnivore? Constructed Response Question F. HW: Review ch 8-9
    Tues. Reading Check "quiz" ch 8-9. Constructed Response Question A.  HW: Read Ch 12
    Wed.  CRQ letter C; brainstorm first, then write a paragraph.  HW: Read ch 13
    Thurs.  Charts and Graphs Questions HW: Read ch 14
    Fri.  Reading Check "quiz"; Constructed Response Question D.  HW: Read ch 15.
    Week of November 14
    Mon.  Go to eDoctrina and complete the CFA on Jackie Robinson. HW: Read ch 5.
    Tues.   Go over HW (questions up to p53) HW: Read ch 6
    Wed.  Study the chart p82-83. How does this relate to p18?  HW: Read ch 7 & 8.
    Thurs. Answer the Omnivore questions p61 to p88.  HW: Read ch 9
    Fri. Reading check "quiz" on ch 5-9. Finish questions p93 to p126 (No school due to a forecast weather event)
    Week of November 7
    Mon. Preface and Introduction of The Omnivore's Dilemma.  You may also listen to the audio on the Audiobooks page.  HW: Read ch 1-4 for Thursday.
    Tues. Election Day (no classes). Continue reading Omnivore!
    Wed. Answer the Omnivore Literal Questions from Preface to ch 1. HW: Make sure these questions are answered  (up to p26) and read up to ch 4 (p. 58).
    Thurs. Reading Check "Quiz" on ch 1-4. HW: finish the Omnivore Literal Questions up to p53.
    Fri. Veterans Day (formerly known as Armistice Day)
    Week of October 31  Your IR Project is due this Wednesday!
    Mon. ELA Text Pack p. 12-14 - Brainstorm the theme of your IR book. Classnotes . HW: Compose your booktalk even if you haven't finished your book. See the Independent Reading 22-23 page; you may wish to view this model video (recorded during Covid) Booktalk model .
    Tues. Practice delivering your booktalk in small groups.
    Wed. & Thurs. Hand in IR Project and present your booktalk to the class.
    Fri. Where does our food come from? Read ch 1 (p.17-28) of The Omivore's Dilemma.
    Week of October 24  HW: Every night, read your IR for at least 20 minutes.
    Mon. Go over annotations for "The Open Window"; then, listen to audio of "The Open Window". (or this version) Complete questions 1-10.
    Tues.  Go over the 10 questions for "The Open Window."
    Wed.  Fill in the IR Worksheet using "The Open Window." HW: Go over Open Window Review, and re-read the story.
    Thurs. Test on "The Open Window"
    Fri. Work on IR project.
    Week of October 17
    Mon. Read and annotate "The Compelling Power of Cliques", using p. 6 in the ELA Text Pack.  Answer questions 1-3 on a separate sheet.
    Tues. Open book quiz on the "Cliques" article.  Go over IR project.
    Wed. Movie Dictation -- a classification paragraph on the different types of movies. Study these Classification Notes  and write your own paragraph. 
    Thurs. Bring your IR books to class for Sustained Silent Reading
    Fri. "The Open Window" by Saki
    Week of October 10.  Read your IR book for at least 20 minutes each day!
    Mon. Columbus Day.  
    Tues. Hand in your "Foliage Afire" article & answers. Read this student's Personal Narrative, and compare it with yours.
    Wed. Study this Found poem from Holes; and this sample found poem. Use your "Foliage Afire" article to create your own found poem. Go over IR Project guidelines.  Due November 2!
    Thurs. Finish your Found Poem; type it up in Google Classroom.
    Fri. Bring your IR book for Sustained Silent Reading.
    Week of October 3.  Have you chosen an interesting IR book yet?
    Mon. Type your Personal Narrative in Google Classroom.
    Tues. Class in the Library:  choose an interesting IR book
    Wed. Listen to and write down this cause-effect paragraph: Layoffs. Now, write your own cause-effect paragraph.
    Thurs. .Read and annotate "Foliage Afire".  HW: finish answering "Foliage" questions on a separate sheet.
    Fri. Bring in your IR book.  Why did you select this book?
    Week of September 26 Begin looking for an Independent Reading Book for Oct 7!
    Mon. p. 1 in ELA Text Pack, which Elaboration Techniques did the author use in "Papa Was an American"?
    Tues. Identify the Elaboration Techniques used in "Coaching" and "Two Tix." Begin Personal Narrative Task
    Wed. Write the rough draft of your full-length Personal Narrative.  HW: finish the rough draft and label in the margin which techniques you used.
    Thurs. Add more specific language and details after you read My Father Was a US Citizen.
    Fri. Punctuating Dialogue. Begin typing your final copy.  Have you found an interesting IR book?
    Week of September 19
    Mon.  I-Ready half day
    Tues. Choose a topic from 36-1 in the Personal Experience Ideas and write a story about it (8-10 sent.) in your ELA notebook. HW: Read this story, "Papa Was an American."
    Wed. Answer questions 1-5 about "Papa Was an American" from this handout: Questions for "Papa," "Two Tickets," and "A Little Coaching". Read "A Little Coaching" from this handout, Narrative Models and answer the questions from "A Little Coaching." HW: read "Two Tickets to the Big Game and answer the questions for HW on the same separate sheet of paper.
    Thurs. Practice the five reading strategies from p. 6 in the ELA Text Pack.
    Fri. Classnotes on Life Lessons . What are the lessons of these three stories?  Now add a lesson to each of your three stories.
    Week of September 12 (days 5-9)
    Mon. Bring in your school supplies! Pre-assessment on eDoctrina.
    Tues. Course expectations: go to Google Classroom. Complete this Scavenger Hunt .
    Wed. Dictation paragraph on "My Three Brothers." Play this dictation (Three Brothers) and write down what you hear.
    Thurs. Look at the list of topics on the first page of this packet: Personal Experience Ideas. Choose one topic from 35-1 and write about it (8 to10 sentences). HW: finish writing this story for homework. 
    Fri. Write about another personal experience from the Personal Experience Ideas (35-2) - finish for HW

    Supply list

    For the first part of the school year, you will only need:
    • one dozen blue or black pens
    • lined paper (wide-ruled preferred)
    • 2 pocket folders with prongs or clasps
    Week of September 6 (days 1-4)
    Tues. Write about your summer and your favorite things.
    Wed. In class you will see a paraphrase of a famous "poem." Write out the words of the original. 
    Thurs. Tips for memorizing.  HW: memorize the first verse of the "Star-spangled Banner"
    Fri. Quiz on first verse of "The Star-spangled Banner"; Set up Google Classroom

    If you have any questions or problems, it is not too soon to email me.

    E-Mail: bbrown@frontiercsd.org

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