• Mr. Brown Green Team English Language Arts

    Grade 8, 2021-2022 Green Team. Keep Reading your IR book!
    Week of January 24
    Mon. Staff Development. No Classes.  
    Tues. Research the proverbs I assigned to you in class. Explain A) the literal meaning; B) the broader meaning; C) the connection to a story. Use my "Proverb" page. HW: Finish
    Wed. & Thurs. Share the meaning of your proverbs with the class.
    Fri.  Shortened classes.  Last day of the quarter. Turn in any missing work.
    Week of January 17
    Mon. Holiday in honor of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.
    Tues. Read "Jackie Robinson" article and answer questions. Hand in the rough draft of Omnivore essay after you have typed your final copy in Google Classroom.
    Wed. Classnotes on proverbs ; Proverbs, p. 26-27 of the ELA Text Pack
    Thurs. More Proverbs: Classnotes on more proverbs.
    Fri.  IR Project Guidelines . Tell what proverbs #41 & 52 mean.  Identify the literal meaning; apply it to people; connect it to a story.  See the "Proverbs" page on the left if you're having trouble.  
    Week of Jan. 10, 2022. Your new IR book choice is due Wednesday!
    Mon. Go over discussion questions M-P (ch 19) and U-X (ch 22); CW 17: write out two of your answers.
    Tues. Omnivore test Corrections
    Wed. Brainstorm details for Omnivore persuasive essay. Show me your new IR book! (HW 18: Fill in the book information)
    Thurs. Tips for Omnivore essay.  Omnivore essay brainstorming. Write rough draft of essay; counts as quiz grade (Qu 9HW: Finish writing rough draft.
    Fri. Writing the Intro and Conclusion.Type up final copy of Omnivore essay in Google Classroom (E 4)
    Omnivore Important Handouts
    Chapter Titles (Bookmark)
    Part IV Discussion Questions (last page in your notebook)
    By: Have already read:
    Jan 4 ch 19 (skip 18)
    Jan 6 ch 22 (skip 20 & 21)
    Week of Jan. 3. HW: Begin looking for an interesting IR book (final choice due Jan 12).
    Mon. Read ch 19 of Omnivore.  Answer M from the Part IV Discussion Questions.
    Tues. Work on I-Ready Reading during ELA and Social Studies. 
    Wed. Finish the I-Ready Reading if you did not finish on Tues. Answer N, O, & P from the Discussion Questions. Be sure your answers are complete and thorough and that they include your personal opinions and observations. Begin reading ch 22. HW: Finish ch 22 and be prepared to explain which books you have been looking at for IR. 
    Thurs. Answer  U from the Discussion Questions. Snow Day.
    Fri. Answer U Go over Omnivore testAnswer V, W, & X from the Discussion Questions.
    Week of December
    Mon. Review for Omnivore test: Omnivore Test Review - answer on a separate sheet.
    Tues. Go over review questions for test
    Wed. Omnivore test
    Thurs. Thanksgiving poem
    Fri. Enjoy this Holiday Season with your family!
    Week of Dec 13
    Mon. Finish CRQ A; Complete CRQ C. Review Key Terms: Quizlet Key Terms A. HW: read ch 15
    Tues. Quiz on Key Terms A. CRQ EClassnotes Dec 14 CRQ answers C,EHW: read ch 16
    Wed. Review Quizlet Key Terms B; Reading check (HW 15) ch 15 & 16 HW: read ch 17
    Thurs. Qu8 on Key Terms B; answer the questions using the Index: Charts Graphs Index. These Classnotes using the Index will help.
    Fri. CW12: Answer this CRQ: p125 - Pollan asks why we Americans don’t worship corn the way the Aztecs did. What is the author’s tone and what sacrifices do we modern Americans make for corn?
    Week of Dec. 6
    Mon. Answer Literal questions p105 to p126; summarize ch 8 & 9.  HW: Read ch 12 (skip 10 & 11)
    Tues. Skim ch 10 & 11 in class; p141 graph; key terms "organic" to "synthetic;" classnotes Dec 7.
    Wed. Learn more about Polyface Farm; Classnotes Dec 8.  HW: read ch 13
    Thurs. Constructed Response Question F, Classnotes Dec 9HW: read ch 14
    Fri. Summarizing Quiz 6. More CRQs.
    Week of Nov 29
    Mon. Go over the literal questions up to p73. Summarize ch 4 & 5. Classnotes for Nov 29HW: Read ch 6
    Tues. Key terms up to "supersize." (classnotes for Nov 30HW: Read ch 7
    Wed. Interpreting charts and graphs; answer Charts and Graphs questions. (Classnotes Dec 1HW: Read ch 8
    Thurs. Charts & Graphs questions p124. Literal questions up to p99. HW: Read ch 9
    Fri. Reading check ch 6-9 (HW 14); Summarize ch 6-8
    Week of Nov 22
    Mon. Check HW 11; Key terms up to "subsidies"; summarize ch 3 in three sentences. Class notes for Omnivore ch 3.
    Tues. Reading check on ch 4 & 5 (HW 13). Key Terms up to "unnatural"; literal questions p52 to p61, Classnotes Nov 23.
    Wed. Literal questions p63 to p73. Read these Thanksgiving poems.
    Thurs. Happy Thanksgiving!  Catch up if you have fallen behind in your reading!
    Week of Nov 15
    Mon. Answer the questions for the Preface and the Introduction (p4 to p13) HW: read ch 2
    Tues. Summarize the Preface and Introduction (2-3 sentences each); define "food chain"
    Wed.  Literal questions p18 to p38. Summarize ch 1 & 2.Nov 17 Class Notes HW: Read ch 3.
    Thurs.  Summarize chapters 1 & 2.  Key terms up to "diversity". Class Notes HW: Read chapter 4
    Fri. Poetry test corrections. Use your poetry packet to answer only the questions you got wrong: (CW 12: Poetry Corrections). HW 11: Answer Omnivore Literal Questions p41 to p50.
    Week of Nov 8
    Mon. Prepare the book talk for your IR project.
    Tues. Present book talk
    Wed. Present book talk
    Thurs. Armistice Day - No school
    Fri. Begin reading The Omnivore's Dilemma. Read up to p29 for Monday.
    Week of Nov 1
    Mon. Read the next two poems "The Courage That My Mother Had" and "Legacy II." Review the Elements of Poetry: Poetry Quizlet.
    Tues. Election Day -- no classes
    Wed. Quiz on p. 1-2 of Poetry Packet: Poetry Quizlet. Answer the "Courage" and "Legacy II" questions.
    Thurs. "Birdfoot's Grandpa" and general poetry review. Study these notes: Notes for poetry test review.
    Fri.  Poetry Test.
    Week of Oct. 25
    Mon. Bring your IR books to class for Sustained Silent Reading!
    Tues. We're using this Poetry Packet all week. Read, annotate, and answer the questions on "The F Train."
    Wed. Read the next poem "They Have Yarns" and answer the questions.
    Thurs. "Grandma Ling" poem: read, annotate, and review the Classnotes for Day 34.
    Fri. Robert Frost's poem "A Time to Talk" should be read several times before answering the questions.
    Week of Oct. 18. 
    Mon. Bring Independent Reading book to class.  Fill in HW 9 IR Book Information.
    Tues. Read and annotate Foliage Afire. After you annotate, look at these models: Foliage annotations .
    Wed. Answer the three questions for "Foliage Afire."
    Thurs. Go over Mrs Flowers test and make corrections. HW 10Correct your mistakes on the personal narrative.
    Fri. Bring in your IR book. If you are reading a novel, start this IR Novel Worksheet . (If you are reading non-fiction, then begin the IR non-fiction worksheet.)  The worksheet is due Nov. 10.
    Week of Oct. 11
    Mon. Columbus Day Holiday
    Tues. Find your copy of "Mrs Flowers" story. Annotate the text as you read, using all five reading strategies.
    Wed. Study the poem "Sympathy" in this Mrs Flowers Slide PresentationListen to the story as well: "Mrs Flowers" audio.Go over Remote Lesson 9HW 8: check for the assignment in Google Classroom.
    Thurs. In class, watch & listen to the first 20 minutes of Mrs Flowers video lessonWe will go over the questions you answered last night. HW: watch the rest of the Mrs Flowers video lesson for the test and review the Slide Presentation (especially the last two slides).
    Fri.  Test on Mrs. Flowers. Be prepared to show me your IR book on Monday.  
    Week of Oct 4 (days 19-23)
    Tues.  Focus on one central event. HW: Finish the rough draft for a quiz grade. (Qu 3)
    Wed. Review rules for punctuating dialogue. Try these exercises to practice punctuating dialogue: Punctuating Dialogue Activity.
    Thurs. Revising your story by adding more specific language: read this story: My Father Was a US Citizen. How can you improve the writing of this story? 
    Fri. Type up your story in Google Classroom.
    Week of Sept. 27 (days 14-18)
    Mon. Answer the questions from "Papa Was an American."  Corrections for "Reading in the Dark." If you scored 7/10 or lower on the paragraph, recopy this model responseHW: Read " A Little Coaching" from Narrative Models and annotate using the Stem Statements.
    Tues. Choose a topic from 36-1 in the Personal Experience Ideas and write a story about it (8-10 sent.) on a separate sheet of paper HW 5: Read and annotate "Two Tickets to the Big Game" from the Narrative Models.
    Wed. Choose a second topic from 36-1 and write about your experience on the same sheet as yesterday's topic; finish for HW 6.
    Thurs. Elaboration Techniques - p. 1 of ELA Text Pack. Use the Text Pack to complete this Scavenger Hunt. Finish for HW 7
    Fri. Test your knowledge of Grammar and Literary Elements.  Make up and hand in any missing work.
    Week of September 20 (days 9-13)
    Mon. Go over the "Reading in the Dark" answers 1-8. Reading in the Dark review notesHW 3: Bring in Parent Contact Sheet (p. 4) from the Course Expectations.
    Tues. I-Ready during ELA class and social studies
    Wed. Quiz 2 on "Reading in the Dark." Bring your copy of the story to class.  Look at the list of topics on the first page of this packet: Personal Experience Ideas. Choose one topic from 35-1 and write about it (8 to10 sentences). HW: finish writing this story for homework.
    Thurs. Write about another personal experience from the Personal Experience Ideas (35-2) - this will be HW 4.
    Fri. Read and annotate Papa Was an American
    Week of September 13 (days 4-8)
    Mon. Bring in your supplies: dozen pens, three folders, & paper; go over second stanza of "The Star-spangled Banner." HW: memorize the first verse of the original (not the paraphrase) up to "... home of the brave."
    Tues. Go over Course Expectations 21-22; set up Google Classroom. (Look for an invitation to join if you are absent.)
    Wed. Quiz (Qu 1) on verse one of "The Star-spangled Banner." HW: Reading in the Dark excerpt - read the story.
    Thurs. Let's read and listen to Reading in the Dark audio. As you read, mark up the text using these Stem Statements HW 2: Be sure to have 15 annotations in the margin of the story (three for each reading strategy)
    Fri. Answer Questions for Reading in the DarkHW: Go over the Course Expectations with a parent.
    Sept 8. Answer these Introductory questions on a separate sheet.
    Sept 10. Study this paraphrase and make connections between the paraphrase and the original Star-spangled paraphraseHW 1: bring in supplies on Monday; see me if there is a problem obtaining the supplies

    Supply list

    For the first part of the school year, you will only need:
    • one dozen blue or black pens
    • lined paper (wide-ruled preferred)
    • 3 pocket folders with prongs or clasps

    If you have any questions or problems, it is not too soon to email me.

    E-Mail: bbrown@frontiercsd.org

    Phone: 926-1730 ext: 3218
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