• Mr. Brown Green Team English Language Arts

    Grade 8, 2021-2022 Green Team. 
    Week of September 20 (days 9-13)
    Mon. Go over the "Reading in the Dark" answers 1-8. Reading in the Dark review notesHW 3: Bring in Parent Contact Sheet (p. 4) from the Course Expectations.
    Tues. I-Ready during ELA class and social studies
    Wed. Quiz 2 on "Reading in the Dark." Bring your copy of the story to class.  Look at the list of topics on the first page of this packet: Personal Experience Ideas. Choose one topic from 35-1 and write about it (8 to10 sentences). HW: finish writing this story for homework.
    Thurs. Write about another personal experience from the Personal Experience Ideas (35-2) - this will be HW 4.
    Fri. Read and annotate Papa Was an American; answer these questions: 1. What change did Buscaglia feel when he entered junior high school? 2. What did Buscaglia expect his father to do after the bullying? 3. Look at the last sentence. Why does the story end like this? 4. Give your own title to this personal narrative. 5. What word best describes Buscaglia’s father? What details from the text led you to this interpretation?
    Week of September 13 (days 4-8)
    Mon. Bring in your supplies: dozen pens, three folders, & paper; go over second stanza of "The Star-spangled Banner." HW: memorize the first verse of the original (not the paraphrase) up to "... home of the brave."
    Tues. Go over Course Expectations 21-22; set up Google Classroom. (Look for an invitation to join if you are absent.)
    Wed. Quiz (Qu 1) on verse one of "The Star-spangled Banner." HW: Reading in the Dark excerpt - read the story.
    Thurs. Let's read and listen to Reading in the Dark audio. As you read, mark up the text using these Stem Statements HW 2: Be sure to have 15 annotations in the margin of the story (three for each reading strategy)
    Fri. Answer Questions for Reading in the DarkHW: Go over the Course Expectations with a parent.
    Sept 8. Answer these Introductory questions on a separate sheet.
    Sept 10. Study this paraphrase and make connections between the paraphrase and the original Star-spangled paraphraseHW 1: bring in supplies on Monday; see me if there is a problem obtaining the supplies

    Supply list

    For the first part of the school year, you will only need:
    • one dozen blue or black pens
    • lined paper (wide-ruled preferred)
    • 3 pocket folders with prongs or clasps

    If you have any questions or problems, it is not too soon to email me.

    E-Mail: bbrown@frontiercsd.org

    Phone: 926-1730 ext: 3218
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