Frontier Central School District Board of Education


    All meetings will be held at the Frontier Educational Center, Board Room. All meetings will begin at 6:00 PM, however, it is anticipated that the Board will immediately enter into Executive Session and the business meeting will follow at approximately 7:00 PM and will be open to the public at 7:00 PM.

    This “Privilege of the Floor” is not an Open Meeting Law right, nor is it a question and answer period.  Privilege of the Floor is an opportunity this Board of Education provides to interested citizens to state their concerns and/or comments on District operations and activities. 

    When business meetings are held virtually:

    The public will be able to have their question or comment heard during a business meeting. Please note, there is no privilege of the floor at a workshop meeting. The procedure will be to email your question/comment to  This email must include your full name, street address, town and contact phone number.  All submissions that follow this criteria will be read aloud at the privilege of the floor. Emails received after the first privilege of the floor will be read at the second privilege of the floor.

    In addressing your email to the Board, we respectfully ask that you keep your comments brief and to the point, and not mention the names of individuals or any titles that point to a specific individual.

    Where appropriate, the Board or Administration will follow-up with a reply.

    Thank you.