•                      Homework Policy   

    Homework is assigned most nights of the week and is due at the
    start of each class. Homework makes up 20% of the overall grade for each quarter.

           •  Homework that is completed on time using 6th grade effort       
               will receive a 2 (100%)
           •  Homework that is only partially complete or shows minimal
              effort will receive a 1 (50%)

           •  Homework that is not completed will receive a 0 (0%)...
               ... unless...     it is completed and turned in the following
                                     day.  It will receive a 1 (50%)
    If you are absent, you will have 3 days to complete your homework to receive full credit (2).

    If you are out of the room due to a music lesson etc., you are still responsible to get the work turned in on time.  See me before you leave for a lesson etc.. Any questions about the work, see me during homeroom or study hall.


Last Modified on September 12, 2013