•          Classroom Expectations       

    1.             Arrive to class prepared and on time.

      Always bring  - pencils

                       - an independent reading book

                       - your agenda

      Refer to the white board outside the class door for the

        additional materials needed for that day.

     Come ready and eager to learn, experience, and share!!!!!!


    2.            Be respectful!  Raise your hand when you would like to speak. 

           Do not interrupt others, unless it is an emergency.


    3.            Heading on every assignment


                          Name                          Subject

                           Date                           Assignment


    4.            Homework

      Write your assignment in Agenda every day. Use the    

        “Teacher HW Board” as a reference.

      Never leave a subject blank!  If there was nothing

       assigned for that day, write the word “None”.

     Must be turned in on time

           2-Completed as directed by me

           1-Partially completed or 1 day late

           0- No homework or more than 2days late

      A student will have 3 days from the date of an absence to

      complete all homework assignments to receive full credit.

      If you miss a class for a music lesson etc., you are still

       responsible for any work you missed during class.  You are

       expected to have it completed on time. See me before

       you leave for your lesson etc..


          5.    Expect to have a FABULOUS year!!!


Last Modified on August 20, 2014